A #DigCit Lesson: Never Skype a Connected Educator⤴

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This post had a working title of "A Skype call gone bad" but I thought that wasn't too appreciative of a Connected Educator... But I'm still trying to figure out if and to what extent that I am grateful to Marialice and Skype for the headache and opportunities they have provided in equal measure over the last 2 weeks!

But I'm after some money from Skype, so I suppose I better keep it as upbeat as possible. 

I'm going to look to the future for the most upbeat and positive story I can think of. I'm going to talk about the "What is..." at the moment and "...what could be" If Skype was to agree to be the headline sponsor of #DigCitSummitUK in January.
Spoiler Alert: Skype you may want to read this before continuing: 

What is...
24th Sept
Turn my attention to Scottish eucation as a result of Chris van der Kuyl's keynote on Raising a Digital Nation. Iwrite my first of a number of posts in support of the #DigiLearnScot agenda. These 2 Links have a summary of the story so far:

30th Sept
I start curating Twitter data and Malcolm Wilson sends me his blog post and I can see that this is a labour of love... A lot of work has gone into this.

2nd November
I meet with Malcolm (@
claganach) and his colleague Stuart Lennie (@IsItSwitchedOn) I know that I'd find something special, but I didn't expect to see this:

I then explore Malcolm's blog because there has got to be a treasure trove of education goodies that others would want to and should be made aware of.

9th November
I send an Aladdin's cave of #DigCit goodies and get this Tweet as a result:

16th November 
Marialice and I have a Skype call that "Went Bad" in a weird and wonderful way.

30th November
Here's where we are at on the first Connected Educator Appraciation Day:

1) A Conference being organised in 3 months time which has the added complication of

2) A significant fund raising effort to get not just one of two organisers but 20-30 Connected educators to the event.

(An Idea that was thought up by being Connected to a Connected Educator and seeing what they were doing, which started with the curation of big data too See #CEduAD: Mad Learning with a Connected Educator)

3) The founding of a Connected Educator Appreciation Day as I thought it would be a good way to "Sell" suppliers on the idea of sponsoring connected educators so show what they are capable of.

Jan 2016: Skype Headline Sponsor of #DigCitSummitUK
 Skype shares a fantastic story that could be instrumental in reaching the connected and unconnected. 

They will be sharing the message that the connected have stuggled to tell the unconnected for quite some time:

I don't know about anyone else involved with this but this is the biggest kind of collaboration I've ever been involved with, and how did the story start? It had 3 simple ingredients that anyone can do:

1) There was a random Tweet based on sharing an interesting post
2) There was a Skype to discuss the post further and how to develop the idea
3) There was the offer of help and a 5 minute faviour (Which lead to 2 rather tiring weeks but we won't mention that at the moment!)

How Does the Story End?There are 2 possible outcomes this is another crazy idea that I write about on my blog which we try, but it doesn't quite work out or come together... Or

It ends with 20-30 Connected Educators connecting with members of their PLN that they've chatted with online for years but never met in real life because of the costs involved etc. meeting for the first time ever.

Surely this would be a story that would reach the unconnected, wouldn't it?

Pay It Forward... A 5 Minute Favour: Show Your Friendship First
My 5 minute favour has become a rather tiring 2 weeks. I'm asking educators to earn any support that they get for the #DigCitSummitUK event.

I'd like to demonstrate that this is a possibility ASAP, I'd also like Skype to be involved. Skype have a Skype-a-thon on the 3-4th December where they'd like to cover 1,000,000 virtual miles.

Do you think you could do me a favour? Do you you could show your friendship first? Do think you could sign up to this and see if we could make it 2,000,000 miles in the next few days?

Skype, you know where to find us if you want to reach out. And if the #DigCitSummit team are willing to do a 5 minute favour that ended up being a 2 week sleepless marathon... If they say that they'll deliver an ROI, do you think they'd go out of their way to make this happen? 

Inclusive Education: Take Action!⤴

from @ Enquire - young people's blog

hearing 3In October, 70 young people from all over Europe got together in Luxembourg to talk about how schools in their countries make sure all children are included in school life. The event was organised by the European Agency for Special Needs and Inclusive Education. (You can watch a video of the event here.) Derrick Hughes, from Cumnock Academy, and Mark Stewart, from Our Lady’s High School in Cumbernauld, travelled to Luxembourg to Continue reading

Mad Learning with a connected Educator⤴

from @ Edu Tech Stories

In this post I detail how and why the collaboration between Susan Bearden and Mad Learn has been the inspiration behind the idea of suppliers supporting Connected Educators to get to the inaugural #DigCitSummitUK, how the partnership is still strong after 2 years and why both educators and suppliers should check Mad Learn out. 

2013 was my first attempt at curating ISTE data.

In my Connected Educator Appreciation Day Post I highlighted that I saw the future of sales after seeing the level and extent of Word of Mouth referrals.

So what did I do after joining EdTechChat for the first month? As this was a dedicated EdTech forum I wanted to see if this was typical. I tried to curate the Tweets from all the chats over the same 6 week period.

What was I looking for? Ironically, what I was looking for is what I found this week when I asked my connected educators who they'd be happy to represent at #DigCitSummitUK.

I was looking for the great companies that educators talk about so that I could:

1) Find out what they were doing differently, and

2) Send them my resume

I did manage to down load this data (It only took a month) but didn't do too much with it... There were over 200,000 rows of Tweets, in 6 weeks... In 2013 when there were 159 chats. I dread to think how big that sheet would be today.

It's certainly a good idea if you're in EdTech sales
 I finished downloading this data in June 2013 and there was an ISTE Thingy that people were talking about... What is this ISTE thingy? Asks I, to no one at all because it was the wee small hours.

Detention for the Naughty Teachers!
For those that don't know ISTE is a very pecular form of torture which I think educators who have mis-behaved during the year get sent to for punishment, a 3 day detention for teachers.

What's that? ISTE's a good thing, that educators voluntarily go to? 13 miles walked while attending 1,028 presentations and reading 500,000 Tweets... and that's educators idea of fun? 
OK we'll have to agree to disagree on this point.

Anyway, I follow this bizzare event on Twitter and let's just say I know what life is like for a wheel on a fruit machine because that's what my eyes were doing when looking at the Twitter stream.

All these great resources but no one can read them all whether people are at the event or a group that call themselves #NotAtISTE (I know a hashtag for people who are not there! ...I think that must the stick that admins use for borderline cases, they have sit in class and are made to watch the Twitter stream until their eyes get so sore that they cry and the admin's message is "If you don't buck up your ideas next year that will be you!")

Curating ISTE Data
As with the EdChats I wonder, who's bottling all these links so people can review later? No one that I am ware of has effectively curating this data set and I've made various attempts for the last 3 years, and think I cracked it this year!

Patience with Curating ISTE data
(That post will pick up on the story from there.

The Good Guys of EdTech
My reasons for curating this was the same as the EdChats, I was looking for the good guys... Where are the bright spots at EdTech conferences?

I curated the ISTE data in 2013 and, as with the EdChats that's as far as it went, the idea was put on the "For Later" shelf (See 
An Iste Bytsie Post... with some Big Conference Data and Mining Data... Nuggets of Gold and Pearls of Wisdom.
Lessons from Education Pioneers:
How to Lead Future Focused Change
However, I was to find the bright spot 12 months later... or more accurately, The bright spot shone so brightly that it was difficult to ignore and has been something that I have been looking to model ever since.

Tweeching Sales People
Like all Connected Educators EdTechChat Moderator Susan Bearden encourages other educators get connected, she had developed an app with her students and then thought if they can do it so can I!
Susan created the @TweechmeApp and launched at ISTE 2014.

As a salesperson who was researching the relationships between educators and EdTech suppliers looking for the problems and the solutions... Given what I was focusing on and all the research I had done this was by far and away the highlight of ISTE2014 for me!

If you don't believe me, go take a look at:

1) The Trouble with Conferences... Confessions of an EdTech Salesman 

2) How closely the #DigCitSummitUK model for getting Connected Educators to the event matches what the collaboration with Susan Bearden and Mad Learn looked like at ISTE2014.

The Future of Learning will be Co-Created
Collaboration and co-creation and then educator and supplier pitching in with the sales when "Product Market-Fit" has been achieved... The best possible advocate at an event and at the lowest possible cost.

I've kept an eye on Mad Learn since then and they have built on this successful partnership by taking a very different approach to sales...I can't imagine they put too many cold calls in.

Susan is a #DigCit Moderator and wants to come to the #DigCitSummitUK and Mad Learn is one of the companies that she would be happy to represent: Susan Bearden Fav Tech Tools.

#DigCitSummitUK's commitment to anyone supporting Connected Educators is that they'll do all they can to deliver a return on investment for this support, I would like to make a personal commitment regardless

Paying It Forward... And Backwards

Mad Learn whether you are able to support Susan with this or not, I'd like to "Pay it forward... And backwards"

I'd like to thank you for bring a bright spot that has shone so brightly that your example has guided me to here. I would like to "Pay it Backwards" by encouraging educators to take a look at what Mad Learn does.

I'd like to "Pay it Forward" by recommending to sales people and EdTech companies by suggesting that they take a look at your strategy with engaging educators.

The relationship with Mad Learn and Susan is at least 2 years old now, many working relationships might have gone sour by now... The proof is in this pudding and it appear to still be tasty, so go check out the recipe of the Mad Learn Secret sauce.

In case funding isn't forthcoming for my friend please encourage unconnected educators to download the TweechmeApp so that Susan's entrepreneurial spirit will get her here. 

Peer and self assessment⤴

from @ Pedagoo.org

I have seen students self and peer assessing with no guidance, structure or success criteria. In my opinion it doesn’t work. If the students knew what to do well and how to improve they would have done it in their own work in the first instance. Comparatively, I have seen some fantastic peer and self-assessment […]

introduction to particle physics⤴

from @ fizzics

There’s a nice guide to particle physics on The Particle Adventure web site.  The site has it’s own free apps for android & apple devices that are worth installing.

Here’s Prof Cox with a two part summary of particle physics.


and a short video with just the quarks


The video below was made before the Higgs boson was confirmed, so please bear that in mind.  It’s still a nice video though.


Learn about the world’s largest neutrino detector in Antarctica.

Through A Looking Glass⤴


However we might define teacher professionalism and agency, being able to shape and construct aspects of our own strategic and operational world is surely appealing to teachers? Framing the daily lives of teachers beyond prescription and orthodoxy, towards sane accountability and trust perhaps still lives in our tomorrows. A meeting of top down and bottom up worlds that completely respect, trust and value each other does not instantly capture my views on policy, assessment and curriculum structure.

However, the popularity and growth of Pedagoo, Research Ed and Northern Rocks to name but a few, helps highlight that leadership roles exist in the formal and informal, in the organic and the hieirarchy and beyond the the possibly outdated of senior and middle leader designations. What such teacher movements perhaps illuminate is that a culture of trust  and collaboration is vital to the health of our profession. Friction and debate is warmly hugged in this world view, as is the right to speak and be heard. Consensus may never occur, but at the very least, an introspection into our values, our practices and our roles as professionals is required.

I wanted to get a flavour of just how diverse our views can be, yet still offer a sum of the whole that is infinitely more valuable than the merits of even the most talented individual teacher. So, I posed the following on Twitter recently:

“If I could recommend one book that all NQTs should read, it would be…” and complete the statement.

Please take time to read the responses, they may offer invaluable information to future generations of teachers, they may sit wonderfully at odds with your own thoughts, or they may even represent words and thoughts we never knew even existed. However, as a collective, they represent the diverse ‘world views’ of colleagues. If we don’t happen to endorse some choices, perhaps put a lens on what our own choices would be and why?

Dissonance is easy to find in teaching, whether it exists between senior, middle and classroom teachers, civil servants and top down policy makers. What is perhaps more beneficial is to ponder areas of consonance. Perhaps we all- Teachers, Head Teachers, Civil Servants, Consultants, ITE Providers, Journalists, Professors and Lecturers- may have something to contribute that might just make ‘me a better teacher’ and afford better life chances to those I teach. But how will I know if I don’t even listen?


Phil Stock ‏@joeybagstock  Nov 22

Teach like a champion because it is specific, helpful and focused on what it means to set up successful classrooms for learning

jo pearson ‏@jopearson3  Nov 22

Chris Day’s a passion for teaching because it sustains you throughout your career & reminds me why I became one

jl ‏@dutaut  Nov 22

The Name Of The Rose. Because life isn’t all about Education.

Damian Ainscough ‏@damianainscough  Nov 22

One is difficult. But probably this:

Embedded Formative Assessment- Dylan William

Got to be @TeacherToolkit bought this for all NQTs & RQTs. Current and wish I had this book starting out: The Virvituian Teacher

‘How to Teach’ by @PhilBeadle. Because it’s practical, engaging and deals with what really matters at that stage in career.

Charlaine ‏@GTCS_Charlaine  Nov 22

If would recommend this because the advice is practical and provokes thought – Full On Learning, Zoe Elder

Tom Bennett ‏@tombennett71  Nov 22

@DTWillingham Why Don’t Students Like School? Great learning points that are easily applied to a classroom

Ana Martinez ‏@anacastillo333  Nov 22

‘Making every lesson count’ because it’s full of practical strategies based on research @shaun­­_allison @atharby

James Theobald ‏@JamesTheo  Nov 22

@tombennett71 @cijane02 @DTWillingham Although I also think it would be important to tell them to avoid certain books too.

Rachel Rossiter ‏@rachelrossiter  Nov 22

Nuthall’s Hidden Lives of Learners; it provides powerful insight into what goes on in classrooms from learners’ perspective

Tim Taylor ‏@imagineinquiry  Nov 22

Asking Better Questions. Morgan and Saxton. Best book I’ve read on the life-blood of teaching and learning.

Ryan Lewin ‏@rlewin75   Nov 22

@PhilBeadle ‘s how to teach… Let the kids eat their crisps!

Mark Anderson ‏@ICTEvangelist  Nov 22

Hidden lives of learners because it gives you the thinking, research and empathy to be the teacher kids deserve.

also Beadles’s ‘How to teach’ because it’s ram jam packed with fab ideas in a totally accessible way

Jo Payne ‏@MrsPTeach  Nov 22

Getting the Bs 2 behave by @Sue_Cowley because behaviour is

something NQTs often get wrong & it’s SO practical with gr8 strategies

Roussel De Carvalho ‏@Roussel_Capra  Nov 22

Delusions of #gender by Cordelia Fine. Because we all need to eradicate sexism & stereotyping in schools. #HeForShe

Dave Browning ‏@davey_browning  Nov 22

@ICTEvangelist craft of the classroom. It’s a classic and deals with the realities of life in a real classroom

Helen Gourlay ‏@HGourlayUEA  Nov 22

Assessment for learning: Putting it into practice because it really is not about ‘showing progress’ in one lesson

Jo Payne ‏@MrsPTeach  Nov 22

after that, Inspirational Teachers, inspirational learners and The lazy teacher’s handbook

Ian Stuart ‏@IanStuart66  Nov 22

“If I could recommend one book that all NQTs should read, it would be….”https://books.google.co.uk/books/about/Why_Do_I_Need_a_Teacher_When_I_ve_Got_Go.html?id=BtnpAwAAQBAJ&source=kp_cover&hl=en …

Mark McShane ‏@mmcshane  Nov 22

Winnie the Pooh! because we all take this stuff far too seriously.

PAW ‏@TubePhil   Nov 22

embedded formative assessment by DW. Lots of ideas that can be adapted but are devised from research

Em ‏@EJmaths  Nov 22

@ICTEvangelist @tombennett71 ‘s Not Quite a Teacher

Kenny Pieper ‏@kennypieper  Nov 22

The Hidden Lives of Learners by Graham Nuthall

Jo Cook ‏@LightbulbJo  Nov 22

Teaching Today by Geoff Petty. Awesome info on what to actually do, not just theory! http://geoffpetty.com/

Helen Porter ‏@Helenoutside  Nov 22

how children fail by John Holt. From the 60s, but holds true today. Easy read, but transformative… In my opinion!!

Jo Cook ‏@LightbulbJo  Nov 22

Teaching Today by @GeoffreyPetty was my 1st & I loved the down to earth focus on what to do. Still have it!

Damian Ainscough ‏@damianainscough  Nov 22

@LightbulbJo That would definitely be on my list too. I thought it was too obvious and is often standard text. @GeoffreyPetty

Mark Sears ‏@Sir_Sears  Nov 22

@ICTEvangelist don’t change the lightbulb because it breaks so many areas into bitsize chunks…not just for leaders!

Marc Smith ‏@PsychologyMarc  Nov 22

Building Classroom Success by Andrew Martin – not so well known as others mentioned here but well worth a read.

Conor Heaven ‏@ConorHeaven  Nov 22

Ron Berger – Ethic of Excellence because it helped me develop young learner’s reflective skills, have I been successful? why/not?

Marc Smith ‏@PsychologyMarc  Nov 22

@LCLL_Director @Helenoutside It’s a classic and a really interesting read. Good call.

Ali Messer ‏@freereed59  Nov 22

984 Orwell of course and Noughts and Crosses Malorie Blackman to think about academic literacy (and seeing world as a teen)

Jon Andrews and Jon Paul Mason liked a Tweet you were mentioned in

Asking Better Questions. Morgan and Saxton. Best book I’ve read on the life-blood of teaching and learning.

Mark Priestley ‏@MarkRPriestley  Nov 22

@Rokewood @samtwiselton The book that made the biggest impression on me was Howard Gardner’s Unschooled Mind

Sam Twiselton ‏@samtwiselton  Nov 22

@Rokewood @MarkRPriestley The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night – loads other texts needed too -this great for eye opening

Jon Andrews ‏@jca_1975  Nov 22

Nuthall’s Hidden Lives of Learners – fascinating deep-dive into 3 worlds that shape learning: teacher/peer/self

Ezzy Moon ‏@Ezzy_Moon  Nov 22

@PsychologyMarc having read the options others have said, I’d say (intro to) Plato’s Republic to play with thinking+explore values

Rokewood ‏@Rokewood  Nov 22

@samtwiselton @MarkRPriestley mine would be Wolff-Michael Roth, Passibility: At the Limits of the Constructivist Metaphor (2011)

Kyle Marsh ‏@kylemarshesq  Nov 22

I really enjoyed @Sue_Cowley‘s “How to Survive Your First Year in Teaching.” Great advice! Was flipping through it the other day!

St.Peter’s Farnworth ‏@stpetersfarn  Nov 22

I would recommend NQTs read Bounce by @matthewsyed The myth of talent and the power of practise. All are capable of learning.

José Picardo ‏@josepicardoSHS  Nov 22

I prefer books about how children learn best. Not so much prescriptions about how to teach. So Hattie and Yates, and Willingham

Claire ‏@Aimingtobegreen  Nov 22

@johntomsett book as it makes you remember why you wanted to teach in the first place.

 José Picardo ‏@josepicardoSHS  Nov 22

oh, and any book that recommends you find your school’s best teachers and cajole them to let you observe their lessons

Roo Stenning ‏@TheRealMrRoo  Nov 22

Knud Illeris’ How We Learn: http://www.taylorandfrancis.com/books/details/9780415438476/ …. 20% off until Thursday:

Amanda Clegg ‏@TeacherCoach1  Nov 22

The Lazy Teachers handbook by Jim Smith. Full of useful hints and tips all easy to apply but all about pupils learning

Steph Mast-Hughes ‏@stephmasthughes  Nov 22Aylesbury, England

What’s the point of school? Guy Claxton, it helps remind you that education is more than institutionalised school systems

My own HT frequently and wisely talks around the importance of the following thoughts, as does John Tomsett. So, the last words to John, a person I respect more every time I read his thoughts:

@johntomsett  Nov 22

Veronica Weusten’s “The Talented Teacher” for reasons explained here…

“So, if we can get the relationship between teacher and student right, we might just be able encourage the students to accept Biesta’s gift of successful teaching. Veronica Weusten’s ‘The Talented Teacher’ is a little known gem of a publication in which the author outlines her view that successful teaching depends on a teacher’s character. I would implore any teacher, youthful or experienced, to read and reflect upon it.

Weusten’s book is abut the importance of personal authenticity in teaching. She says in an echo of Biesta, that whilst you may want to be a skilled teacher, it is your pupils who will determine whether in fact you are one, because ultimately pupils prefer teachers they like.”

Many thanks to everyone who completed responses. I later posted a further provocation:

If I could recommend one piece of research that all NQTs should read, it would be….”

I will post a blog collating responses to that also. Finally, if I asked a question highlighting one book for NQTs NOT to read (and many thanks to James Theobald for the ‘Call to Imagination’ on this, a fantastic blogger who frequently calls me to question deeply) am I tacitly censoring professional reading? or does this represent honesty and critical reflection that are key aspects of how we define growing ‘teacher professionalism and agency?’

#CEduAD: Thank You Connected Educators!⤴

from @ Edu Tech Stories

Five years ago I realised that the sales process was changing in Education. I noticed that tactics like phoning educators to discuss the services that I represented were becoming less and less welcome.

On the eve of the inaugural Connected Educator Appreciation Day I reflect on the instrumental role that EdChat Moderators and other Connected Educators have played with my professional development.

Connected Educators' input has allow me to achieve a lot of progress with #DigCitSummitUK within two weeks...without a single one of those phone calls that were proving to be annoying busy educators being made.

I am delighted to be able to give back by helping Connected Educators with this #DigCit event!

The last two weeks have been in the planning stages for the last 2-3 years. In this post I demonstrate how this is a direct result of Connected Educators.

I hope that I will be in a position to thank some of these amazing educators in person, as I endeavour to secure funding for them to make it to the inaugural #DigCitSummitUK in 2016
Join Tim and the regulars of #KsedChat tomorrow at 8pm CST
Collaboration and Co-Creation
In 2011 I started to map UK Further Education Colleges as I wanted to make my time more productive for meetings, and also look at the idea of having an app that could help other suppliers to save time with sourcing contact details for colleges (The sharing economy is coming... EdTech may as well get #FutureReady for it).

The data and feedback from my college contacts took me in a different direction. I noticed that colleges had a significant number of commercial services and, if marketed collectively, would be amongst the largest retail chains in the UK. Instead many were marketed as "The Best Kept Secret" and during a global recession too?!

I wrote to colleges to see what they thought of some collective marketing. This email led to 230 colleges saying that they'd be interested in finding out more. I wrote a strategy document at the end there was a "confirm participation" button and would cost £500.

10 Colleges signed up to this within 3 weeks. Not a single phone call had been made and all enquiries after the first email were "Inbound"

Go Slow or Go Home
Around the same time this was going on, results from a pilot were coming through which was a small scale 1 year pilot with 3 colleges.

When we got some indicative results, we shared this with others who were interested in the initiative... The result of  sharing these results?

Five Local Authorities confirmed they'd commission a project that would cost £15,000. £75,000 was secured in 3 weeks, most of which was confirmed over the phone. Of the 1-2 meetings that I was asked to attend, we got confirmation that the project was commissioned within 1-2 days.

When it comes to the best products, people want to buy them. 
Great sales operations are no substitute for product-market fit!

Death of a Salesman
Compare this with the sales model I had been working on, and that my then employer wanted me to continue with:

1) Identify the right person to speak to
2) Arrange a phone call to discuss the idea
3) Secure an appointment
4) Present to SMT at a follow up meeting
5) Wait for a decision

This whole process could take anything from 3-6 Months or more, and has significant overheads as wages and travel costs are accrued and need to be covered.

More significantly than this, if you have a product that takes two meetings and 6-12 months to deliberate over,

How much of a "Must Have" Tech Toy is this? 

How significant is the problem that the solution promises to solve and/or how well does the companies solution solve the problem?

I asked what educators thought of the various reports that I had produced and these approaches compared to the traditional methods. The feedback was unanimous with everyone... except my then employer.

In April 2012, while researching my EdTech Report: Developing Relationships and Delivering Value, I joined the inaugral EdTechChat.

After 5 weeks I saw that my experiences were set to become mainstream. I didn't know it at the time but was later discover were inbound marketing, content marketing, social selling and community management.

My experiences in the first month of EdTechChat was that over 40 companies were mentioned 4-500 times without a sales call or rep in sight! It was all peer to peer word of mouth referrals

I cannot stress just how instrumental EdChats and Connected Educators have played with me re-skilling from Sales to Community Management.

I hope that some of these posts demonstrate the value that me being connected and listening to connected educators has been. Thank you all SOO MUCH! 

(NB A word of warning if you're new to my blog... there's the odd good idea in with some bad writing. Lol)

Mar 2013: Twitter Edchats - Chat or Change
May 2013: #EdChat Idle Twitter Chatter...Or Great CPD Forum
April 2013: Startup Education
June 2013: Mining Data... Nuggets of Gold and Pearls of Wisdom
July 2013: An ISTE Post... with some big data
Aug 2013: Death of a Salesman...And New Edu Models
Aug 2013: Who Sells Free in Education
Sept 2013: How Online Engagement Leads to Collaboration
Oct 2013: Was Henry Ford a Connected Educator?
Oct 2013: The Connected EdChat Modarator
Oct 2013: Live Tweeting - Engaging Policy Makers and Students
Dec 2013: #StartupEduChat Meets #EdTechBridge
Jan 2014: Collaboration in Education - How can I help you achieve your goals?
Jan 2014: The Trouble with Conferences...Confessions of an EdTech Salesman
Jan 2014: Community Appreciation and Gratitude for my PLN... Esp When Going Round in Circles
Mar 2014: Community Building in FE & EDU - Building EdTechBridges
Apr 2014: The Greenwich Village of EdTech
Apr 2014: EdTech Startups & Beta EdChats - Lone Nuts or Visionaries
June 2014: EdTechBridge: Sales Matters in EdTech
June 2014: ISTE13 Reflections - Record, Rewind & Replay
June 2014: ISTE13 Reflections - Death of an EdTech Salesman
June 2014: ISTE13 Reflections - No Country for an Old Fashioned Educator
July 2014: Don't Leave Startups on the EdShelf
July 2014: EdChats by Numbers
July 2014: EdChat Moderators ISTE or Bust
Mar 2015: Online Abuse - I Blame the Politicans
Mar 2015: Digcit Vs the Trolls: I'm a Student Friendly Social Media Educator
Mar 2015: I'm An EdChatMod...Get me out to ISTE2015
Mar 2015: Nikki D Robertson: Bringing Tech Stories to Life
Mar 2015: An Amazing Global Edu Race: Get Craig to ISTE
Mar 2015: A Pledge to GetNikki2ISTE
Mar 2015: EdTechChat - How I met your Awesomeness
Mar 2015: EdChats... Getting Competitive?
Mar 2015: Connected Educator Day: Suppliers
June 2015: Get2ISTE2015 - Any Last Minute Support from Suppliers
June 2015: Get2ISTE2016 - Ways to Get Support During 2015
July 2015: Telling Tech Stories: Self Promotion, Self Doubt or Selling
July 2015: Blogging, Sharing New Ideas... Or Selling?
July 2015: Patience with Curating ISTE Data

Thank You Connected Educators! You Rock!

A Community Managers Best Friend
At the inaugural Community Manager Europe Twitter chat #CmgrEMEA the question "What's your faviourite #Cmgr tool" Christie Fidura gave an inspired reply "Your Ears"

Add to this that many community managers see empathy as a "must have" attribute for successful community management then the future might finally be looking a little brighter than it has over the last few years, because my Community Management training and early experiences will ensure that I never forget the value that a little Empathy can have.

Dear EdTech suppliers, 

I feel my training is complete... please give me a call if you have a great culture and product, if you listen to your users and appreciate the value of empathy and are currently looking for a "newly qualified" EdTech #Cmgr. 

A Message for the Unconnected: Paying It Forward
If there are any startups, suppliers or sales people starting out on their connected, inbound, social selling or community management journey, you may find some of these posts useful.
 If I can do anything to help with your digital journey please don't hesitate to get in touch.

PLN Please Help!
Dear PLN, If you know any suppliers who could support some of my friends with the costs to get to the UK for #DigCitSummitUK in 2016 please let me know.

I've also asked my Connected Educator friends to let me know which companies they would be prepared to represent at the #DigCitSummitUK


So if you are on any of these lists please get in touch to discuss the details, we think you'll like the proposal:
If you are a connected educator and are not looking to come to #DigCitSummitUK, but are looking for funding for any projects... please get in touch and we can discuss some options.


Visual Hexagons⤴

from @ Pedagoo.org

I am an unashamed admirer of hexagons in the classroom. Hexagon activities (which can be found on my blog – www.jivespin.wordpress.com) promote deeper and independent thinking on any topic as well as focus on different elements when answering a specific, exam focused question. They encourage students to make links between different elements of a topic […]