I do not like this new normal (please be nice to others)⤴

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I've seen a number of news articles over the last few weeks about the start of term in various Universities. Many of them share a common theme - IT services suffering under load on the first day of teaching. They also share the same sorts … Continue reading I do not like this new normal (please be nice to others)

#ArtyMathsFalkirk for Maths Week 2020⤴

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Hi All

Its maths week 28th Sept-4th October

We have come up with some maths week challenges for our P1-S2 Falkirk pupils please see them below.  We would love to see your responses on twitter. Tweet your work using #ArtyMathsFalkirk and #MathsWeekScot and tag us @RAiSE_Falkirk and @numhubchampfalk




🌈 What Have Primary 3 Been Doing this Week?⤴

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As part of our Health and Wellbeing Programme we have been doing Fruit and Story Time. Everyone tries their best to listen and we have been enjoying lots of different picture books while we stay healthy.

We have just started a new chapter book and we are concentrating on fiction books this term.

We have also been talking more about being back at school and learning. Here are some of the things people have to say at Pupil Voice Time. 

‘We have been revising the story of 11.’  Zac

‘We have been learning to read and to write neatly in our jotters.’   Heather

‘We have been learning about the nurture alphabet. B is for boundaries and I like that because I like people to follow the rules.’     Eli

‘We have been learning how to do really neat handwriting.’     Ciara

‘We have been practising counting to 100.’   Megan

‘We have been learning to count with tally marks.’  Thomas


‘We have been learning how to do sums with and without number lines.’   Isabella

Thanks for all your hard work. Have a lovely weekend! See you on Monday!  Ms Short 🌈